About the Student Circle


In the wake of the many events underlining the Society’s 25th anniversary, the Student Circle was created, at the time already reuniting more than thirty young lawyers. The Circle aims to offer a forum for university students of all academic levels, mainly enrolled in faculties of law in Quebec, to share their interest in international law.

On November 1, 2007, the Student Circle invited members of the SQDI to its opening cocktail. It was thus in Université de Montréal’s Faculty Lounge that guests participated in the very first meeting of the Circle!

The Circle is comprised of all student members of the Society as well as the student editors of the QJIL. It’s chaired by Andres Contreras.

Become a Member

When you join the Society as a student, you become ipso facto a member of its Student Circle. You thus become a part of a multi-institutional student initiative which aims to foster interest and promote the study of international law in Quebec. For junior internationalists, the Circle offers a unique opportunity to meet and interact with legal practitioners, scholars, professors and other students in the field.

Finally, as a member of the Circle, you receive a standing invitation to events organized by the SQDI (seminars, conferences, etc.) and a subscription the the Quebec Journal of International Law.