Board of Directors

Honorary President

  • Jacques-Yvan Morin, Professor Emeritus, University of Montreal
    • Founder of the Quebec Journal of International Law in 1984

Board of Directors

  • Mark Antaki, Professor, McGill University
  • Pierre Bosset, Professor, University of Quebec in Montreal
  • Geneviève Dufour, Professor, University of Sherbrooke : President
  • Julia Grignon, Professor, Laval University
  • Konstantia Koutouki, Professor, University of Montreal : Vice-President
  • Fannie Lafontaine, Professor, Laval University
  • François Larocque, Professor, University of Ottawa
  • Léa Lemay Langlois, Student, Notre Dame
  • Laurence Marquis, Lawyer, University of Sherbrooke
  • Richard Ouellet, Professor, Laval University
  • Kristine Plouffe-Malette, Lecturer, University of Sherbrooke : Secretary- General
  • Pierrick Pugeaud, Associate Dean, University of Quebec in Montreal : Treasurer
  • François Roch, Professor, University of Quebec in Montreal : Director of the QJIL
  • Vanessa Tanguay, Student, McGill University, President of the Student CircleAssistant Secretary-General
  • Daniel Turp, Professor, University of Montreal : Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Marie-Claude Boisvert, President of the CCIL

Former Presidents

  • Jacques-Yvan Morin, President (1982-1984), professor emeritus, University of Montreal
  • Yvan Bernier, President (1984-1990), professor, Laval University
  • Daniel Turp, President (1994-1996), professor, University of Montreal
  • Katia Boustany †, President (1996-1998), professor, University of Quebec in Montreal
  • Carol Hilling, President (1998-2002), Commissioner, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
  • René Provost, President (2002-2006), professor, McGill University
  • Olivier Delas, President (2016-2017), professor, Laval University