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Benefiting from a broad dissemination on Internet (200,000 articles downloaded per year) and in legal databases, the Quebec Journal of International Law offers an interesting communication tool to reach a large customer base within the legal field to promote your newly released volumes, university programs, and scientific activities. Being the only international law journal of the Americas to publish mainly in French, the QJIL therefore constitutes a gateway on the continent for the legal communities of the French-speaking world.

For more than 30 years, academics, jurists, law practitioners and students all over the world have constituted the QJIL’s readership. Law and public administration libraries of numerous Canadian, American and European universities also constitute a significant part of its institutional subscribers. The Journal also represents a reference for companies and law firms, as well as for jurists working within governmental and intergovernmental organizations.

Through your advertising, you will not only demonstrate your own commitment towards the development of research and the dissemination of knowledge in international law, but you will also finance an important portion of our not-for-profit scientific activities.

The Journal offers advertising space on the two most popular pages of its website: the homepage and the one containing its entire collection. Are admissible advertisements for scientific volumes on a topic related to international law or a related field published in one of the three languages of the Journal (French, English and Spanish), advertisements for the organization of scientific activities (conferences, symposiums, summer schools, etc.), as well as advertisements for university programs. For more information on the purchase of advertising space or partnership possibilities with the Journal, please complete the following form.

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